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The 12th call is open. Apply to access!!

Submit your proposal as soon as possible.
Deadline August31st, 2024 (23:59:59 CET) 


After around 3  years and ten successful calls, more than 134 submitted projects were widely granted to access. We open now the  12th call.


Processing facilities have reached their budget limit. In response, this call exclusively welcomes proposals for characterization and virtual facilities.

The projects submitted by the last call and the previous ones are under review. Applicants will be very soon notified about the result


Infrastructure catalogue  


VIPERLAB identifies perovskite PV as the key emerging technology that will be the lever for a future market penetration of EU-based PV production with lowest costs and lowest carbon footprint.

Through facilitated and coordinated access to the best and complimentary EU perovskite infrastructures , both physical and virtual  and the use of advanced data mining approaches, VIPERLAB project stimulates European academic and industrial researchers to work together on the research and development of the next generation of solar cell technology, which will accelerate the perovskite PV technology development in Europe.

Free access to top-ranked infrastuctures involved in

  • Innovative material synthesis,
  • State-of-the-art device design and development
  • Standardized testing methods
  • Simulation methods, and databases

is offered for EU researchers in academia and industry in order to validate at lab-scale and at pre-industrial-scale, the technology that will form the backbone for EU PV recovered worldwide leadership all along the value chain

You can find below a catalogue of the offered physical infrastructures.  
Further information about  Virtual infrastructures can be found on VAPo platform the point of access to all Virtual Infrastructures of VIPERLAB.

   A list of available Simulation tools can be found  here 


Evaluate the best infrastructure that fits efficiently your project needs and apply to access

   Be aware! the abbreviations used in the list of instruments you can find here are needed for the proposal submission by VIPERLAB GATE 


  • X-ray photoemission with excitation from 80 eV 10 keV photons
  • X-ray absorption in the soft and “tender” x-ray range
  • In-system sample treatments (e.g., heating, thin-film evaporation

Organisation :

  • Ageing Tests under MPP-tracking
  • single-junction, modules and tandem

Organisation :

  • A mySQL-based database promoting OpenScience practices in the perovskite PV research community
  • Enabling literature research and dissemination/sharing of scientific data according to FAIR data principles

Organisation :

  • Characterization and reliability tools for the accreditation tests of PV modules 
  • Tools for PV deposition, characterization/reliability and development of thin film coatings  

Organisation :

  • Realization, advanced characterization and optimization of single junction Perovskite (cell and modules, rigid and flexible) and tandem silicon/Perovskite cells
  • Encapsulation and stability/aging protocols vs standards and ISOS recommendation
  • Optical and Electrical modelling

Organisation :

  • EC Accredited PV Module testing Lab
  • State of the art equipment for the development and application of specific protocols to characterize photovoltaic devices based on organic or perovskite materials
  • Custom-made stabilization, aging and reliability testing based on approved standards.

Organisation :

Modelling and design of solar cells using TCAD Silvaco software, applied to:

  • Single and multijunction solar cells
  • Planar and textured devices
  • Customized material characteristics

Organisation :

  The infrastructure offer access to:

  • Perovskite/silicon tandem processing
  • Vapor deposition of contacts, electrodes and perovskite precursors
  • Tandem characterization

Organisation :

  • Processing line for perovskite modules up to 35x35 cm2
  • Psk/Si tandem processing tools
  • Characterization and stability testing equipment

Organisation :

Solar cell manufacturing & characterization

  • High efficiency silicon bottom cells
  • Vacuum and wet chemical processing of layers for perovskite tandem solar cells
  • Metallisation concepts
  • Electrical and optical analyses of perovskite silicon tandem cells and precursers
  • High resolution analyses down to the nano scale

Organisation :

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101006715

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