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Conferences, Workshops, Technical Meetings

Event attendance in conferences, workshops, technical meetings is a key action in Science and technology:

  • Delegates can discuss efficiently more recent results, hot issues and opinions by showing their own skill.
  • Events  offer the opportunity for everyone  to be introduced to several  scientists/experts in a short amount of time
  • By attending other presentations and by accessing to the event proceedings, each participant  learns  from others and improves  his/her  own  knowledge in  his/her own field of expertise, as well he/she can take profit from the complementary areas of expertise

This  fosters networking and collaboration, that it  is very important  for Photovoltaics involving several academic and technical  disciplines or professional specializations.

To assist scientists/students/experts/stakeholders with planning their own and co-workers event attendance, and to adequately sisseminate upcoming events in  PV TRD Community, VIPERLAB Project web site and VIPERLAB-KEP  offer an updated list of Photovoltaics events.

We apologize for having missed information, and we thank you a lot in advance if you will highlight this to us   by  forwarding  an email by using  this link.




[WEBINARS] - Start date Nov, 30th 2022

H2020 VIPERLAB Project offers free access to the state-of-the-art perovskite EU infrastructures that cover the whole innovation/value chain from material preparation to characterization of perovskite devices and modules. Today we present two very relevant VIPRLAB research Infastructures:   FRAUNHOFER Solar Cell Manufacturing & Characterization & EPFL/CSEM – PV lab/PV Center & PSK/SI Tandem processing.

[WORKSHOP] - Start date Nov, 28th 2022

PEROSPACE is a workshop organized by Dr. Narges Yaghoobi Nia UniTOV/UniROMA1 and  supported by University of Rome Tor Vergata, EU-H2020 VIPERLAB Project and Aerospace Engineering School of Sapienza University of Rome focussed on last trends in  Perovskite Solar Module Fabrication & Commercialization and Space Applications of Perovskite Solar Photovoltaics. The registration is free. Online participation is also offered on the first day.


[WORKSHOP] - Took place on Sep, 29th 2022

 It  will take place in parallel to the WCPEC-8 conference at the same venue in Milan. The goal of the workshop is to define a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for perovskite PV modules, starting from the recently published SRIA document by ETIP-PV and EERA-PV. Particularly the workshop will focus on single-junction perovskite PV modules and start from the recently drafted European Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Photovoltaics.

[WEBINARS] - Took place on Jun, 29th 2022

Metal-halide perovskites made a breakthrough in photovoltaic and light-emitting technologies in the last ten years. Dr. Annalisa Bruno's talk  will show why thermal evaporation is a promising perovskite fabrication technique to bring this technology closer to production, by relying on excellent size scalability, promising stability, fine composition control, and surface adaptability. Perovskite fabricated by co-evaporation show remarkable structural robustness and impressive thermal stability. Dr. Bruno will present the results achieved by her team on semi-transparent PSCs and mini modules with a wide range of colors. Lastly she will further discuss how these results represent a significant step toward the commercialization of the perovskite technology

[CONFERENCE] - Took place on Jun, 21st 2022

The scope of this NanoGe on line  conference organized by CHOSE and La Sapienza Univeristy  Rome  is to gather international experts in new generation photovoltaics such as perovskite, organic PV or tandem between new generation and conventional PV, to have a fresh update on the development of new PV technologies offering opportunities of new generation PV in space applications. 

[WEBINARS] - Took place on Feb, 08th 2022

Modelling, high performance computing and efficient access to data sets based on data reported in the literature and experimental work are important tools to accelerate research in the field of photovoltaic perovskite, and beyond. With this workshop VIPERLAB presents the importance of these topics for materials science technology and how the 4 virtual infrastructures of Viperlab project  can support researchers from academy'and industry, with free access to their computing, modeling tools and the available datasets.

[CONFERENCE] - Took place on Dec, 06th 2021

The 6th NGSE-Next Generation Solar Energy Conference will take place  from Dec. 6th to Dec. 8th, This year it will focus on the topic “Concepts to break the Detailed-Balance Limit in Photovoltaics”. The conference will be streamed via Zoom.

[MATCHMAKING EVENT] - Took place on Dec, 01st 2021

Are you working within this field and looking to make new connections and find partners to work with on future Perovskite-silicon tandems projects under international and/or national funding schemes? Register to participate in PV-Impact Perovskite-Silicon Tandems matching event  will be held on-line on  December 1st, 2021

[AUTUMN SCHOOL] - Took place on Nov, 22nd 2021

HOPE-PV 2021 organized by the Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics (IPCP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is an autumn-school targeted to the  early-stage researchers working in different field of chemistry, physics, material science and electronic engineering related  to Hybrid, Organic and Perovskite emerging photovoltaic technologies.

[CONFERENCE] - Took place on Sep, 06th 2021

VIPERLAB project has been recently presented during the 38th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition by N. Maticiuc and E. Unger with a visual poster (3BV.1.31) entitled “VIPERLAB: An infrastructure Platform to Accelerate the Development of Perovskite PV Technology in Europe”.

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