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2nd VIPERLAB Annual Assembly


2nd Viperlab General Assembly 

May 24-25, 2023  - Location ENEA Portici Research center.- P.le Enrico Fermi, 1 - 80055 - Portici (NA), Italy 


Viperlab Project was very happy to host with the help of ENEA partner our 2nd Annual General Assembly and the very interesting and fruitful 2nd workshop on precise Measurement of #Perovskite Silicon Tandem #SolarCells which both took place in CR ENEA Portici, on May 24-25, 2023


2nd Viperlab General Assembly 

The 2nd yearly meeting of the Viperlab project was organized by ENEA partner in Portici from the 24th to the 25th of May. It started with a comprehensive update on the progress made over the past two years. All 28 participants, representing each partner, workpackage and project's task, actively engaged in discussions and shared their working group achievements, challenges, and lessons learned during this first project period. The meeting provided a platform for open dialogue, fostering an environment of mutual trust and cooperation.

It had a concrete and effective impact on the collaborative relationships between the partners, for a good planning of the next research and networking activities to accelerate the development of perovskite photovoltaics towards the common goal of becoming one of the pillars of renewable sources in Europe. Participants expressed their commitment to strengthening collaboration between project members, working groups, and tasks, exploring new exploitation strategies for the developed work so far  and possibilities to extend the VIPERLAB infrastructure network beyond the project end. The active involvement of all partners highlights a shared vision to bring the project to a great success.




2nd workshop on precise Measurement of Perovskite Silicon Tandem SolarCells

On the first day of the meeting, a workshop was organized with over 50 participants on site, and over 90 remote attendees to provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the measurement principles of perovskite solar cells. The hybrid event approach facilitated effective knowledge sharing among a diverse range of stakeholders located in different technical and geographic areas. The workshop covered calibration and  indoor / outdoor characterization procedures of various tandem devices, and best practices among different laboratories.

More info and access to the videos/slides here


Event web page




The two events  offered  the opportunity on May 24th evening and May 25th afternoon to visit wonderful places known all over the world


with Eva Unger-HZB;  Natalia Maticiuc-HZB; Francesco Roca-ENEA; Aldo Di Carlo-UniTOV/CNR; Stéphane Cros-CEA; Trystan Watson-Uni Swansea; Mike Sytnyk-HI-ERN;Stephan Abermann-AIT; Eugenia Zugasti-CENER;  Hauch Jens-HI-ERN   Regan Willks-HZB; Jaione Bengoechea- CENER;  Marcel Simor-TNO; Martin Schubert-Fraunhofer ISE;  Sjoerd Veenstra-TNO; Vera La Ferrara-ENEA;Manuela Ferrara-ENEA;Gabriella Rametta-ENEA; Claudia Barolo-UniTO; Baljeet Singh Goraya-Fraunhofer-ISE; Gaëtan Masson-Bequerel Ist; Francesco Di Giacomo-UniTOV; Lucia Mercaldo-ENEA; Paola Delli Veneri-ENEA; Léa Degault-CEA;  Abeer Ali Khan; Christian Wolff; et Al,

ENEA Portici Research center.- P.le Enrico Fermi, 1 - 80055 - Portici (NA), Italy


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101006715

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