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Ana Belén  CUELI

Scientific staff - Photovoltaic Solar Energy Department


Role in the project : Contact point and coordinator of CENER’s activities in VIPERLAB.

email : abcueli@cener.com

Short Bio

After receiving her MSc. in Telecommunications Engineering, she began the research activity in the field of photovoltaic solar energy .More than 20 years of experience in the field of test and measurement of Photovoltaic modules. First two years of activity at Ciemat PV Laboratory were focused on PV plant evaluation and engineering and quality assessment of solar modules. Most of these projects corresponded to contracts with private PV companies: plant owners, designers, developers and module manufacturers and distributors. During this period she also participated in several R&D collaborative projects with public national and European funds all of them aimed to eliminate technical barriers that impede wide diffusion of this technology.

The most relevant work developed at CENER is related to the Solar Module Testing Laboratory from its very beginnings with the elaboration of the project viability to the final implementation of the laboratory. The laboratory reached its full capacity during the big boom in the solar PV market what enabled the completion of multitude commercial projects. Experience gained at that stage has provided in deep knowledge of the majority of PV module technologies and invaluable comprehension about its particular weakness and expected failure modes. The activity for the industry has been always coordinated with scientific investigation through the completion of several research projects.

Author of numerous publications at international conferences and specialized journals. Member of the technical committee TC82 of IEC for the Standardization of PV Systems and components. Proposed as referee for the evaluation of projects in the European Commission. Member of the Task 15 BIPV of the International Energy Agency for PV Systems


[1] - Took place on Jan, 26th 2023

The stability of perovskite devices is a key point should be addressed to achieve commercialisation. The key factors influencing the stability of the devices are the exposure to oxygen and moisture, UV light, solution processing and thermal effects. Encapsulation and standard testing protocols are required to check and improve stability. The two presented infrastructures offer state of the art equipment for the Perovskite Stability testing of materials and devices. 

[1] - Took place on Jan, 17th 2024

The “VIPERLAB Webinar on Standardization for Perovskite PV” is a half-day online event on standardization activities in the field of PV, focusing on Perovskite materials and devices. Experts from international research institutes report on the current activities of the IEC Technical Committees 113 and 82, ISOS and PSK-ISOS, as well as on standardization activities regarding data ontologies and RDM.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101006715

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