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D5.1 VIPERLAB Website up and running

Edited : 08/11/2021

One of main goal and objectives of VIPERLAB project is to bring its research and results to the attention of as many relevant and different target audiences as possible, to stimulate European academic and industrial researchers to work together on the research and development of the next generation of solar cell technology to accelerate the perovskite PV technology development in Europe.

Therefore, the first and very important key action of WP05 Communication, Dissemination, Exchange and Training has been to establish a coherent communication and dissemination strategic framework for VIPERLAB project with the following objectives:

  • to raise awareness about the project and its potential,
  • to share the generated knowledge,
  • to disseminate the project results,
  • to engage with relevant stakeholders to create favourable conditions during the course of the project and for wider uptake towards its end.



D5.1 VIPERLAB Website up and running

The deliverable “D5.2 Communication and Dissemination plan” has already reported our strategy and proposed channels and procedures to raise public awareness and to give visibility to the project.

This Deliverable D5.1 in turn concerns the development and the management of Project web site (PWS) one of the most relevant communication and dissemination channels offered by VIPERLAB project to get the objectives indicated above.

The VIPERLAB PWS isn’t the only web platform proposed by the project. In accordance with the project brand guidelines, VIPERLAB PWS is an user-friendly web platform mainly targeted to the impacting visual communication by promoting the project itself and the actions/tasks undertaken from the project. It provides targeted information to multiple and wide audiences formed by infrastructures’ users, academia and scientific communities, industry, stakeholders, audiences at large, media, citizens about the project and its relevance, about the consortium as a whole and any relevant details concerning each partner including the availability of top-ranked Research Infrastructures to free access for the scientist from academia and industry. The VIPERLAB PWS also informs about the content and the finality of VIPERLAB proposed Joint Research and Networking Activities, about the skills and expertise offered by our involved scientists/experts, and last but not least, about the progress beyond the scientific and technical achievements reached by our project and our infrastructures’ users.

For these reasons, VIPERLAB PWS also serves as a very efficient landing/take off platform toward all the others more specialized platforms offered by the project (KEP, VAPo, GATE, etc), which allow web users to get involved in the highly specialized technical/scientific content of these platforms.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 101006715

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